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Thank you for choosing ADAMA. During the 2022 season more growers used ADAMA products on more acres than ever before. As our valued partner, we are committed to your success and use your input to fuel new product innovations and advancements.

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Active Ingredients

Rather than working with a small handful of proprietary technologies, ADAMA leverages the largest library of actives in the world in the pursuit of new chemistries and unique formulation improvements to make our products more user-friendly and sustainable.


Active ingredients in our portfolio


Branded herbicides, fungicides and insecticides available to Canadian farmers.


New uniquely Canadian registrations annually

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Agile Innovation

As part of our commitment to formulation mastery, ADAMA continues to develop and utilize the most technologically advanced adjuvants, surfactants and safeners available to further improve the efficacy of our products and your profitability.

Optimized penetration enables enhanced and long-lasting protection​. Find Asorbital Formulation Technology in:

Proprietary plant-based solvents create a more sustainable user-friendly product compared to petroleum distillates Find Low VOC Formulation Technology in:

ADAMA uses its library of active ingredients to create unique mixtures tailored for Canada, including:

Crop protection, built for you

Herbicide Insecticide Fungicide

We proudly offer a suite of ever-evolving herbicide, fungicide and insecticide options you can customize to create easy-to-use solutions that protect your ROI and deliver results. See how our latest innovations can benefit your farm: