The Asorbital® Advantage

Our leading fungicides use Asorbital® Formulation Technologies to strengthen your disease protection.
Asorbital Formulation Technology

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We're helping growers succeed through better disease control.

Efficient Absorption. Better Migration. Long-Lasting Protection.

ADAMA's unique Asorbital® Formulation Technology enhances the penetration efficiency of our fungicides. Once absorbed, they offer more controlled migration, strengthening your plants to a higher level. From the moment Asorbital® powered fungicides hit the leaf, your crops are building complete protection and setting you up for success.

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Take Advantage of Asorbital® Technology

Helps secure yields with long-lasting disease control
Reduces runoff and photodegradation
Excels in a range of climatic, soil and agricultural conditions
Proven performance in Canadian trials
Helps fungicides move within the leaf and systemically throughout the plant

Protect Pulses,
Canola & Soybeans

Asorbital Formulation Technology

MAXENTIS® provides protection against the most damaging diseases in peas, lentils, canola and soybeans. New Asorbital Formulation Technology builds on the original advantages offered by Asorbital and has been tailored to maximize the specific benefits of MAXENTIS.


Protect Canola

Asorbital Formulation Technology

SORATEL® protects a wide variety of crops from disease, including sclerotinia in canola. This triazolinthione broad-spectrum systemic fungicide uses Asorbital® Formulation Technology to deliver enhanced penetration efficiency.


Protect Wheat and Barley

Asorbital Formulation Technology

SORADUO™ is a combination of two triazole fungicides one that features Asorbital® Formulation Technology for broad-spectrum systemic activity plus long lasting foliar protection.


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ADAMA offers the world's largest library of actives, bringing Canadian growers the breadth of disease control innovations they need every season.

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