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Drawing from a large library of actives, ADAMA is continuing to bring solutions to the Eastern Canada cereal market. With a strong fungicide portfolio and ever-growing herbicide options, ADAMA is dedicated to innovation in this market.

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BISON® 400 L

BISON® 400 L

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Resistance Management Best Practices​

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Mix & Rotate Active
Combine multiple modes in the same growing season to significantly reduce risk.

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Maximize Coverage
Apply herbicide at the upper end of the labelled water volume.

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Use Recommended Rates Timing
Reduced rates and delayed timing can select for certain types of herbicide resistance.

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Diversify Crop Rotations
Reduce the risk of herbicide resistance with a robust crop management plan.

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Get proactive with dandelion control

A single dandelion can produce about 2,500 highly mobile seeds annually, which can drastically impact your yields if not managed correctly.

A dense stand of dandelions can produce over 240 million seeds per acre, so it’s important to act as soon as you notice them in your field. While a post-harvest burn-off can offer effective control, you can also treat dandelions in your winter and spring wheat with a pre-plant application of EMPHASIS herbicide. If you are growing spring wheat, an in crop option of ESTEEM ALL IN herbicide should do the trick.

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Fight fusarium head blight

Since fusarium head blight (FHB) favours warm, humid conditions, it’s more likely to occur when wheat florets are opening.

So, to effectively control FHB, spray products like SORADUO at the 75% head emergence stage in wheat and between 70-100% head emergence in barley. For more info on the application, check out SORADUO.

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Discover ADAMA Fungicides
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Maximize your wheat acres with innovative solutions from ADAMA, powered by the world’s largest library of actives.

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Full-Season Wheat Protection

When it comes to improving the yield potential of your wheat, ADAMA is pleased to provide you with an exceptional lineup of new innovations and proven performers. And now planning your program just got easier with the Winter Wheat Solutions One Pager.

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Winter Wheat Solutions

With new solutions, like cereal broadleaf control in bulk, ADAMA’s portfolio is always improving. View the full wheat portfolio of herbicides, fungicides & insecticides for full season protection.

Wheat products

Great combination for Winter Wheat Growers

The combination of BISON and BROMOTRIL® herbicides gets your toughest grass and broadleaf weeds with proven crop safety

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